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"Surface Treatment Technologies for Aluminium"

Italtecno was established in 1974 as an enterprise specialized in researching and developing surface treatment technologies for aluminium and its alloys.
During the first years of the ‘80’s,Italtecno widened its market for chemical products, machines and systems beyond Europe and in many different sectors (aluminium for use in architecture and in the car and aeronautical industries as well as for decorative, mechanical and other industrial purposes) and in 1983, sold an important license to Lockheed for special anodizing technologies, thus making its debut on the American market.
After this, Italtecno opened branches in Brazil, India, the Far East and Germany plus agency, distribution and technical service offices in 25 different countries throughout the world. With internationally recognized experts and researchers, Italtecno is now a reference point for all operators in the sector.
The Engineering, plant manufacturing and Chemistry divisions located in North Italy work in close contact with the customers, helping to create customized technological solutions and providing after-sales technical assistance wherever an Italtecno customer may reside in the world.


Chemical products and innovative technologies
The R&D and chemical divisions of Italtecno have always been strategic for the worldwide fame of the company. The quality of the researchers, the many international patents and the long time experience in aluminium finishing have launched Italtecno as leader in technologies for interior and architectural aluminium sectors, decorative, automotive and aircraft industry (in 1983 Italtecno sold a license to Lockheed for special sealing technologies).


Anodizing and Powder Coating Plants
The engineering division of Italtecno has manufactured and sold more than 100 turnkey anodizing and powder coating plants all over the word and its reference list includes leading customers like Alcoa. The activity of the Division included also manufacturing of state of the art equipment and accessories for use in aluminium finishing companies which are always sold with proper training of final users. Training and know-how teaching are the competitive advantage of Italtecno as supplier of equipment and plant.


  • Modern waste water and fumes treatment plants
  • Zero discharge plants for anodizing and coating lines
  • Deionizers and reversal osmosis equipment
  • Caustic soda recovery plants for etching tanks
  • Bright dip solution recovery plants for brightening tanks
  • Sulphuric acid recovery plants for anodizing tanks
  • Extrusion dies cleaning plants
  • Caustic soda recovery equipment for extrusion dies cleaning plants


Italtecno’s Staff, constituted of internationally renowned Technicians and Researchers, is a land mark for those who operate in the aluminium surface treatment field. Its main characteristics is the constant and continuous relationship with customers and collaborators to whom it supplies technical assistance, personnel training and periodical updating on the most modern technologies and researches carried out in the chemical and electrochemical field in Italtecno’s laboratories.


Via Marinuzzi 38,
41122 Modena, Italy

Phone +39 059 280362
Fax +39 059 280462 (Commercial Department) (R&D Department)