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Handling and Storage Plants

The experience in all productive fields, enables us to be a valid support to Your management in the choice of the best solutions for each different plant.
We supply plants, in the turnkey formula or preassembled modules, that solve problems relative to the handling and the storage of goods inside a productive process, looking at the efficiency and the reduction of costs.

Movin aims to offer its customers a reliable partnership, which is technologically competent and ready to collaborate efficiently and cordially during each phase of the job:
- from the examination of the logistic situation and of the specific needs to the use of alternative technologies offered by Conveyors.
- from the elaboration of the first project hypothesis and feasibility studies to the installation and testing of the plants.

Methodologies of actions continuously perfected, a prompt global assistance and the availability of skilled staff for the updating and maintenance of the plants, are the outcome of a corporate philosophy completely oriented to the concept of total quality: the consistency of the service towards the client and its undeniable condition for industrial systems at a very high technological content.

Movin offer a complete catalogue of conveyor systems.
On floor conveyors with flying roller chains or flat chains allow us to develop flexible systems. They are used every time it is necessary to handle and work with products transported on pallets in a fast, precise, reliable, silent way achieving series or parallel working areas.

Rollers conveyors are mainly used when it is necessary to handle and work products without supporting pallets or polystyrene and/or paperboard bases or products gathered on wood pallets.

Belt conveyors make it possible to create light transport systems, having the flexibility and modularity characterising Movin products. They are used every time it is necessary to handle products without pallet.

Overhead and up-turned monorail conveyors can solve the simplest conveyance and storage problems by connecting two or more similar-paced workstations.

Power & Free Conveyors are systems able to solve very complex problems of mechanical handling, such as interconnection between two or more working areas which are operating according to different timing. Special equipments will be developed to complete the handling of assembling lines performing automatically steps of the process. Special equipments could be shuttles, screwing machines or tilting devices.

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