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DIE-CLAR is a very innovative system for the cleaning of dies used in aluminium extrusion industry.

DIE-CLAR is a real answer to the different problems caused by the conventional dies pickling systems. In the traditional method, dies are cleaned by dipping them into a caustic soda solution.

The caustic soda completely dissolves the aluminium metal, getting in this way the dies cleaned.

The solution of caustic soda rapidly enriches in dissolved aluminium content, hence reducing the dissolving power of the solution.   

For this reason the caustic soda needs to be frequently replaced.

With the traditional method the dies cleaning is the cause of several problems, such as:

  • Emissions of toxic fumes
  • Unsafe operations for the workers
  • Cost for the fresh caustic soda
  • Cost for the waste/disposal of great quantities of spent caustic soda as toxic/hazardous waste
  • No recovery of aluminium metal

DIE-CLAR consists of totally enclosed process tanks, in which the etching and water rinsing of the extrusion dies is carried out in a fully automatic way, thanks to a PLC controlled equipment and to an overhead crane which automatically handles the baskets containing the dies from the loading till the unloading area.

The advantages

DIE-CLAR is also provided with a complete fumes exhaust system, which allows the ventilation and fumes cleaning of the treatment tank containing caustic soda.

The advantages of DIE-CLAR versus conventional methods are clear:

  • Fully automatic system
  • Highly environmental friendly process
  • Total enhancement of safety for workers

DIE-CLAR has  been specifically designed to work as the hart of a fully integrated recovery system, which includes an Aluminium Detachment Pre-treatment (ADP) and a final Recovery of Caustic Soda (Crystalfix). This integrated approach allows for:

  • Recovery of aluminium metal
  • Recovery of caustic soda
  • No spent toxic/hazardous waste to be disposed or to be treated