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MEG Srl - RSM Group: a new cleaning plant opens up market opportunities

Non-ferrous metal parts are utilised in a variety of industries that have very high quality requirements.

Markets such as the hydraulics and the marine and aviation sectors use these parts for production where there is no margin for the slightest error. Now customers are increasingly demanding services to complete parts production and finishing, such as dimensional controls, chemical analysis of materials, special packaging, and last but not least, efficient parts cleaning.

RSM Group, a company based in Soliera specializing in the supply of non-ferrous mechanical components, specifically bronze, brass and aluminium, executed a comprehensive development plan in only five years to respond to these new market demands. The steps included the purchase of an ultrasound cleaning system designed and produced by MEG Srl, a decision that has enabled RSM to meet the requirements and cleaning specifications of a major Swiss multinational.


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