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Wastewaters treatment Plants

Tecam realizes plants for treatment of wastewaters of many industrial fields mechanical workshop, metallurgy, painting, plating, graphical and printing industry, ship and airplane industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, food, drinking and agro industry, etc. through the application of different kinds of technologies (evaporation, ion exchange, membrane, chemical-physical and biological treatments, etc.).

Sensitive to respect for the environment, Tecam studies systems that allow to minimize the volume of wastewaters to discharge or to dispose, with the aim, when possible, to obtain a total recovery and recycle of water ("zero discharge").
Strongly oriented toward exportation, Tecam has installed hundreds of plants around the world (Italy, Bulgary, Russia, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Egypt, Spain).

The installation of Tecam's plants is preceded from an analysis of characteristics of wastewaters and from an evaluation of the best and most profitable technology of treatment considering the relation between investment costs and operating costs with the aim of a rapid achievement of R.O.I. (Return on Investment).


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